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HAPPY 2006 to our Clients and Collectors!

For the first time ever, Hohimer Studio has taken an inventory of pieces in our flat drawers. Yes, to the creative, but disorganized mind, this is a one-time endeavor! Below is a list of all pieces; Some of the pieces are slightly irregular in size only, the printing and color are perfect and guaranteed. These pieces are marked at wholesale prices and will be sold as long as they last. Of course, all are signed by RJ and limited editions signed and numbered. You can find most images on the website (click on the name to view photo if available). Call or email and I can email jpegs of some; others have no scanned images available. I will work with you individually on these. If you order and are not satisfied, 100% of the purchase price will be refunded.

Some of the listed images are embellished, some not. Again, when you call or email, I will work with you directly on each piece. Thanks and have fun!

24 x 40 exact size to frame, not wrap     Price: $500
Grand Marquee Movie Premier-2 Traffic Twins
Chicago Blue New York Driving School
18 x 30 exact size to frame not wrap   

Price: $300

Summer Stroll Diner
Royal Blue Two on a Piano Bench
Opening Night New York Driving School
Southwest Sisters
12 x 20 exact size to frame not weap    Price: $150
Hey Hey DJ Two on a Piano Bench
Opening Night

A flat $10.00 shipping charge except where noted above