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R.J. HOHIMER IS A PAINTER OF JAZZ AGE ART. His jazz paintings are stories on canvas of inspired musicians spontaneously making music of the moment. Life in the jazz age is clubs and nightlife beckoning to musicians to produce jazz art through music. R. J. creates paintings of jazz musicians, not necessarily recognized celebrities. Rather, he captures the total environment of jazz: The music, the lights, the audience, the smoke, and the jazz music. Ah, yes, the music! It is all there-- the actual creation of jazz on canvas.

Like jazz music, R.J.’s jazz art has a life of its own. Oil is brushed on canvas in the same rhythmic way that a drummer’s brushes are guided over the drum head. Colors, like notes, are improvised at random and painted across the canvas ending with a finished composition that captures the intuitive process as well as satisfaction with the final product. We revisit our own experiences with jazz music as we enter the world of Hohimer jazz art. The uniqueness of his art is that each time we look, we eagerly walk inside each painting. Not wanting the story to end, we imagine the next chapter—where lovers linger on the beach and jazz bands play until dawn.

Each colorful jazz painting is available in several formats. Of course there is the original jazz painting which is unique and one-of-a-kind (click on “originals” above). Art prints are also available of all website images. There are limited edition, signed and numbered giclee’ prints on canvas in various sizes. Open edition jazz poster, jazz prints, signed but not numbered, are also available of all website images.

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